Ways To Engage! 

We have several ways to engage with our congregations at First Trinity and St Matthew. If you don't see a ministry that fits your interest, identity, or spiritual journey, you are welcome to reach out to any of our staff on creating a new one. We are learning with you and want be inclusive to you and the resources we offer.

Hi from the 20's and 30's group! 

We are a group of young adults in DC who are excited to be in community with one another growing in God's grace. We have virtual Happy Hour meet-ups, annual retreats, virtual game nights, and opportunities throughout the year to serve and be a part of the greater congregation. Contact  or  for more info.

Community Bible Study  

Join us virtually on Wednesdays at 12pm for a community Bible Study using Zoom.  We are beginning a new series on reading text from Genesis to Revelation with the perspective of engaging with it as pieces of literature. Contact Pastor Tom Knoll at (202) 737-4356 or   for the Zoom link.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

For children and students through high school, this week long program gives an understanding of the Bible's teachings in today's context. This summer's resource and theme "On Earth As In Heaven" comes from the ELCA's World Hunger organization where we explore the United Nations Sustainability Goals using our faith lens. Join us virtually by watching online starting with VBS Day 1! </div>

Evening Prayer & Fellowship 

Gather on Zoom with us and friends from Grace Lutheran Church and beyond for a series of fellowship, prayer, and worship on Tuesday evenings on Zoom. Join at 6:30 pm for guided conversation over dinner, at 7 pm for responsive prayer, at 7:15 pm for quiet meditation, and/or at 7:40 pm for compline - a service of prayer at the close of the day. For Zoom info, contact  or

Wise Women

This ministry is open to all who identifies or expresses themselves as female in any way. This group meets annually for a casual retreat in the fall to be in community, to pray, to reflect, and to break bread with one another. Due to COVID-19, our annual fall retreat has been cancelled for 2020. 

Sunday School 

Welcome children and youth through high school to Sunday School! This is an opportunity to grow in faith learning the Word of God in the Bible and the love God has for us and the world. Sunday School has been moved to a virtual platform on our YouTube channel as we are not meeting in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our videos and have fun! 

Senior Brunch 

The Seniors group at First Trinity and St Matthew congregations get together every quarter for a weekend-day at a restaurant in the DMV to enjoy brunch and be in community with each other. We currently have put this ministry on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but as soon as it is safe to be together again, we welcome you to brunch! Any questions please contact Pastor Tom Knoll at (202) 737-4366 or