Ways To Engage! 

We have several ways to engage with our congregations at First Trinity and St Matthew. If you don't see a ministry that fits your interest, identity, or spiritual journey, you are welcome to reach out to any of our staff on creating a new one. We are learning with you and want be inclusive to you and the resources we offer.

Hi from the 20's and 30's group! 

We are a group of young adults in DC who are excited to be in community with one another growing in God's grace. We have virtual Happy Hour meet-ups, annual retreats, virtual game nights, and opportunities throughout the year to serve and be a part of the greater congregation. Check out our events page or contact  for more info! 

Community Bible Study  

Join us virtually on Zoom, Wednesdays at 7 pm for Bible Study. Each week, we discuss the pericope texts for the following Sunday. The discussions have been insightful, joyful, and exciting! All are welcome - members and friends of First Trinity and St. Matthew, as well as first-time visitors. The link is the same as our Sunday worship link - email  if you need that information.

Sunday School Schedule for November/ December  

We offer in-person Sunday School at First Trinity during worship on November 20 (Third Sunday), and on December 4 and 18 (first and third Sundays). We would like to invite the students to be "up front" as acolytes, readers, worship assistants, etc., on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Our goal is to have a "virtual Sunday School" for both congregations online each month, available every fourth Sunday of the month. Email for more information! 

Senior Brunch 

The Seniors group at First Trinity and St Matthew congregations get together every quarter for a weekend-day at a restaurant in the DC Metro Area to enjoy brunch and be in community with each other. 

Wise Women

This ministry is open to all who identifies or expresses themselves as female in any way. This group meets annually for a casual retreat in the fall to be in community, to pray, to reflect, and to break bread with one another. Due to COVID-19, our fall retreat has been cancelled for the past several years, but we hope to bring it back in 2023!