Actions Against Racism First Trinity Lutheran Church and St Matthew Lutheran Church

Small groups at First Trinity and St Matthew Lutheran Churches met regularly this year to discuss race, power, and privilege within the church and community. Together, they came up with 5 action items to help break down systemic racism and to support the Black community.

1.Partner with a local congregations of color by consistently holding joint ministries and worship services.

2.Incorporating diversity and support for anti-racist work in the call process for a new Pastor. 

3.Continue to have intentional, multiethnic discussions and learning opportunities as a faith community around racism.

Examples include:

  • Host a monthly discussion highlighting different cultures
  • Compile videos of famous Black people talking about their journeys to watch together (i.e. Neil deGrass Tyson, Oprah, etc.)
  • Begin a book club to discuss books written by Black authors both fiction and non-fiction
  • Host discussions on race for the community that aren’t centered around Christianity (AA style)

4. Create strong community partners that we frequently volunteer with.

Examples include:

  • Strengthen our relationship with CFLS and the returning women
  • Provide tutoring for neighborhood children, especially around St. Matthew Lutheran Church
  • Create a partnership with Sacha Bruce house, Southeast Ministries, etc.

5. Congregation to purchase goods and services from Black owned businesses and encourage members to do the same.

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