The Voice

From the Metro D.C. Synod Racial Equity Team

by Metro DC Synod Racial Equity Team on April 23, 2021

We can stand  with the jury and say that they got it right in holding Derek Chauvin accountable for a death delivering act of violence.  May this verdict of guilty be part of fueling a change in our country and in our churches that must be embodied across the generations. We acknowledge that there is so much to do in America to stop racism and realize equity for all.  And so we pray:

Holy One, we gather in a space of prayer, giving thanks for your love which so vividly calls us over and over into loving our neighbor as ourselves.

We offer prayers of care for all who grieve the unjust murder of George Floyd, and we pray Your compassion for all the pain that remains.

Please, Dear God, hold us accountable to a commitment to work for a more just society. We pray for that day when all of God’s beloved children, so wonderfully created in your image, might live in dignity and respect. That day when the fears of state sanctioned violence, will be no more. That day, when we respond to your call to care for each other.


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