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Synod Assembly Recap

by Metro DC Synod Synod on June 16, 2021

In case you missed the inspirational worship, speakers and content from the 2021 Synod Assembly, below is a recap of all the happenings from the assembly. You can also view videos of the presentation and worship on the Synod YouTube Channel or Synod Assembly Website.
Resolutions and Memorials
All resolutions and memorials presented at the assembly were adopted.
Resolution 2021-001 | Greetings
Total Votes Cast 216 - 214 Yes, 1 No, 1 Abstain
Resolution 2021-002 | DC Statehood and Voting Rights
Total Votes Cast 138 - 113 Yes, 19 No, 6 Abstain
Resolution 2021-003 | Global Goals More Important than Ever
Total Votes Cast 222 - 216 Yes, 4 No, 2 Abstain
Resolution 2021-004 | Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Genocide
Total Votes Cast 142 - 125 Yes, 10 No, 7 Abstain
Resolution 2021-005 | Sacred Ground
Total Votes Cast 223 -199 Yes, 12 No, 12 Abstain
New Synod Council Members
As a church body, we voted to elect the following members to the Metro D.C. Synod Council:
Vice President | Jennifer Slagle Peck
Treasurer | Julie Hamre
DC Conference
Lay | Sheena Foster
Clergy | Pastor David Trott
Fairfax Conference
Lay – Melody Stachour
Clergy – Pr. Elijah Mwitanti

Maryland Conference
Lay – Ashelyn Mosby
Clergy – Pr. Angela Shannon

Montgomery Conference
Lay – Heather Light
Clergy – Pr. Eugene Kern

Potomac Conference
Lay – Melody Mobley
Clergy – Pr. Sarah Scherschligt

Virginia Conference
Lay – Don Wallace
Clergy – Pr. Krista Vingelis

At-Large Members (2 Years)
Andreas Dangin
Pr. Eva Steege
At-Large Members (1 Year)
Cameron Johnson

Synod Women’s Organization
Laura Stall

New Consultation Committee Members
Pr. Lynn Miller
Pr. Franklin Morales
Jason Maddux
Diana Bateman
New Committee on Discipline Members
Pr. Michael Lohmann
Pr. Tiffany Towberman
Barbara Bilodeau
Thomas VanPoole

ELCA Church Council Nominees
Sheena Foster
Janet Samuelson

Voting Members for 2022 Churchwide Assembly
Jackson Droney
Jerry Keller
Pr. Franklin Morales
Ashelyn Mosby
Camille Trott

Adoption of the Mission Spending Plan for 2022
To view a video of the mission spending plan report from Synod Treasurer Julie Hamre, please click here. To read the 2022 Synod spending plan, click here.
Adoption of 2022 Compensation Guidelines for Rostered Ministers
To view the Compensation guidelines, click here.
Adoption of Amendments to Synod Constitution and Bylaws
To view the adopted amendments, click here.


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